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As a small or medium sized-enterprise (SME), every day brings on a new challenge, be it operating expenses or business growth needs.
We, at Bank Audi, offer SMEs a range of tailored financing solutions with reduced interest rates, and collateral-free loans for amounts up to USD 100,000.
To build a solid, long-term business relationship, we have designed a special non-lending program that gives SMEs access to an array of benefits that fit their business needs.
  • Business Loan

    Business Loan

    Get the financing you need to renovate your workplace, purchase new equipment, buy a new franchise, license or patent rights, and develop your plans to move your business forward. You can settle it back over a very comfortable period designed around your profile and at your own pace.
  • Empower Card

    Empower Card

    Move your business forward by buying assets, equipment, machinery or office furniture, among other capital expenditures, with a flexible loan in the form of a plastic card designed around your business requirements.
  • Kafalat Loan

    Kafalat Loan

    With personalized programs that serve various sectors and profiles, from tourism to agriculture, industry, traditional crafts and high-tech, Kafalat gives you the means to expand your business activities or take on new projects.
  • POS Cash Advance

    POS Cash Advance

    Get a cash advance facility directly to finance your daily business expenses such as purchasing goods, paying rent, or settling salaries.
  • Power Card

    Power Card

    Finance your daily running business expenses through a flexible standby loan, in the form of a card. It is the perfect solution to buy goods and raw materials, settle rent, pay salaries and much more.
  • Premises Loan

    Premises Loan

    Enjoy the confidence of purchasing, building or expanding your business premises through two borrowing programs with a flexible plan designed around your needs and repayment capabilities.
  • Transact Packages

    Transact Packages

    Save on daily business banking transactions with the TransAct Packages that offer you a wide range of benefits such as free banking transactions along with a reward program. The program is available under 3 packages, each designed to suit your business size and needs.